Mexico: “Torture out of Control” reported cases up 600% in last decade

Posted on September 4, 2014 • Filed under: Corruption, Crime, Mexico, Police/Military Activity International reported…Instead of water-boarding it’s called the tehuacanazo — and the water forced down the victim’s nose is carbonated, and sometimes spiced with chili pepper. It’s been a well-known technique used by Mexican police for decades. The tactic — along with electric shocks, sexual violence, near-asphyxiation and death threats — appears in the testimonies collected in a new Amnesty International report released on Thursday titled “Out of Control: Torture and Other Ill-Treatment in Mexico.” According to the report, use of torture by Mexican police and military is widespread, with a 600 percent rise in the number of reported cases over the past decade. Yet despite the huge increase in incidents, there is little being done to combat it or, in fact, discourage it. Read Article

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