Mexico: Driving Tips

Posted on September 4, 2014 • Filed under: Latin America Travel, Mexico, Mexico Travel (1) In general, drive slower than you normally would at home. (2) The topes the previous posters speak of are not gradual little asphalt speed bumps…they are typically metallic cannon-ball-sized and -shaped abrupt speed deterrents stretching across the road that are designed to force you to slow down; they will exact damage to the underside of your vehicle if you hit them at not far over the given speed limit. If driving in Mexico, at some point you will undoubtedly experience that moment of panic when you see a set of topes right in front of you as you realize you haven’t slowed down. (3) Don’t (i.e. never) drive at night. Many reasons why….one being that livestock love to lay on warm unlit roads and you never know around which corner you will encounter such a hazard; another being that you might encounter poorly-lit or poorly-marked unfinished road construction sites that can appear out of nowhere in the dark. This is not a complete list of reasons of why driving at night is no bueno. Read Article/Lists

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