Mata-Zetas Release Video Accusing Officials as Supporters of Los Zetas, Mexico

Posted on July 29, 2011 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Mexico, Zetas

•The group Los Mata-Zetas has released a video in which they accuse certain officials of being supporters of the Mexican Cartel, Los Zetas.
•As reported by, Los Mata-Zetas, a response to the Los Zetas cartel, accused Fidel Herrera Beltrán, former governor of Veracruz, Mexico and alias Z1, of allowing the cartel to establish itself in the state and carry out illegal actions such as kidnappings.
•In the video, the masked speaker also declares that corruption extends from the Police to the Public Ministry and named several individuals involved with Los Zetas.
•He calls on the citizens of Veracruz not to be afraid of Los Zetas and to report their actions to the Navy and the Secretary of National Defense, whom the Zetas have not corrupted according to Los Mata-Zetas.
•The speaker also addressed the current governor Javier Duarte and expressed respect for his efforts against Los Zetas and explained that the actions of Los Mata-Zetas were for the sake of justice. Read Article

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