Los Ríos, Ecuador: First case of baby with microcephaly from Zika virus

Posted on June 10, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Latin America Health

The one-week-old patient will be seen next week by specialist neurologists.

Los Ríos, Ecuador
lahora.com.ec / reported:
Through a press conference, the director of Zone 5 of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), Ricardo Beltrán, officially announced that there is in Quevedo the first case of a baby born with microcephaly associated with zika virus.

However, she said that it is difficult to detect where and where the mother acquired the virus, since during her gestation she spent in the cantons of La Maná (Cotopaxi), where she works and in Quevedo, where she lives. Both areas are considered as ‘endemic’.

Another of the factors that explained, for which it was not possible to detect the case in time, is because the patient took the gestational controls in a clinic belonging to the private network.



According to Beltrán, the MSP makes interventions according to the pathologies that frequently treat, making it possible to diagnose these types of cases in time.

But after knowing the subject, they immediately had an ultrasonography trasfontanelar and detected an alteration of the central nervous system in the baby.

In what they analyzed, the mother may have gotten the virus in the tenth week of pregnancy, since it would have presented malaise associated with the disease, but in a private clinic “apparently, they lacked to treat it properly”, said the official.

Now the MSP has made the intervention and have succeeded that next week the child, barely a week old, be attended by specialized neurologists.

Although confirmed that the consequences for this pathology can be serious, to the point of suffering affectations in its development or to have visual and auditory disorders (but can be mitigated with technical help), psychomotor, cognitive disorders and even there could be some type of epileptogenic disorders , The latter can not yet be confirmed.

Until then, the mother and child with microcephaly are stable in their home, since the endemic alerts have already been triggered because one of the causes of this pathology is contagion by the zika virus. In addition, fumigations will be accentuated in areas at risk.

The zika can attack the baby until the last weeks of gestation, so it is advisable to make echoes, which would be the best guarantee to see the state of the fetus.

Until May 30 of this year, the National Secretariat of Public Health Surveillance reported that four cases of microcephaly in newborns were presented in Ecuador. (MZA)

In the Quevedo hospital, a possible second case of a baby with microcephaly associated with zika is investigated. Read the Article

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