offering new open source intelligence media monitoring program has now completed three years as an open source media monitoring solution for organizations with a 100% focus on Latin America. In the next several months the website plans to be available ONLY via annual subscription.

If your firm has any involvement with Latin America you will clearly benefit from a group of professionals who specialize in covering news from open sources in the region. What makes this service extremely valuable to the user is that their is an additional service of customization permitted. Not only will you have access to the news we cover but, subscribers are permitted to provide our team specific information as to the clients specific needs to be covered . Our team then goes to work in not only providing news from the region but news specifically tailored to your requirements. We are professional media monitors and analysts. Our specialty is that our human monitors/editors know how to locate the apples left in the tree, not just the ones that fell to the ground that can be seen by everyone.

If you would be interested in learning more about this valuable service which operates 24 hours a day, please contact us directly for more details. There is no obligation on your part. We feel that you will find our service invaluable in assisting your information requirements and helping to attain your goals. Don’t be left out. Due to the high quality of service we offer in coverage, we are only permitted to accept a certain number of clients. If Latin America is your business, this is one resource you should not be without in your arsenal of research and intelligence.

PHONE: 602-789-4159

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