Latin America: 80% of trans women murdered are in their 30’s or younger

Posted on December 10, 2015 • Filed under: Crime, Latin America Health, Latin America News, Social Issues reported trans women in Latin America have a life expectancy of just 35 years a new study has found.
Research into the Violence Registry reveals that 80% of trans women murdered in Latin America are in their mid-thirties or younger. However, the Organisation of American States (OAS) say that even though crime against the trans community is rife, other aspects also contribute to the shockingly low statistic.

Trans people across Latin America are often excluded from mainstream society, thrown out of their homes and socially excluded. Homelessness, poverty and depression lead to many trans women developing drug addictions or being forced into sex work. The results also found that trans women more likely to end up in prison or as victims of transphobic police brutality.

Trans men are also targeted, although the results found that they were more likely to be targeted by their own families. Read Article

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