Jujan Ecuador: Three dead, six wounded in bus crash on Easter in bus, vehicle crash

Posted on April 17, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Jujan – Guayaqui

eluniverso.com(machine translated) Three dead and six wounded left the afternoon of this Sunday the collision between an intercostal transport bus and a light truck, in the way Guayaquil-Jujan. The accident occurred in the area of ​​the population Tres Postes, a few kilometers from Jujan.

The dead, including a child, were in the car with three more occupants who were injured. Three other injured are pedestrians, according to Lia Fuentes, deputy lieutenant of the Transit Commission of Ecuador (CTE).

The tragedy was recorded at approximately 5:30 pm yesterday. “We came from Babahoyo, we returned from the Shopping at the speed that they demand on the radars, 60 kilometers, but in a while I do not know what happened to my partner who was changing lane and when I realized we had the FBI on top Our, “said Ricardo Mejia, passenger of the car, who lost his wife and daughter.

Mejia said that they had spent the afternoon in a fun park that is located in Tres Postes, but that they traveled to Babahoyo to withdraw money at a cashier.

The vehicles involved in the collision are a bus from the Interprovincial Fleet Babahoyo cooperative and a gray sedan-type car.

A call to the ECU-911 system alarmed the rescuers who came to the scene and found the car completely shattered, with its occupants trapped, some already dead, among the twisted irons of the car.

Among the six injured were a 3-year-old girl, said Fuentes, who was at the time of emergency care.

The CTE took proceedings through its Office of Traffic Accident Investigation (OIAT).

The origin of the accident had not been established.

Wounded, in Miracle

The wounded were transferred to the hospital Leon Becerra, in the canton Milagro.

The deceased were transferred to the morgue of the same canton, where they arrived dismayed relatives who lamented the tragedy.

The woman is currently hospitalized at the National Burns Center in Montevideo and, although she remains conscious, she has “a large percentage of her body burned,” according to the source.
The person was found by his daughter-in-law on the street, near his house, and took her to the hospital.
Today he will testify in the court of a man of about 40 years detained for being the person responsible for the injuries of women, of which no statements have been made because he has not been able to investigate it because of his condition.
Although the motives are not completely clear, the police has as main hypothesis that the man was the victim of the steal of a horse by the woman’s son and decided to take revenge.
Police learned that both the burned woman, her son and her daughter-in-law were drug addicts, but ruled out the hypothesis that it would have been an accounting settlement for narcotics.
The woman’s son, who allegedly stole a horse from the man recognized as guilty, is older and had no criminal record.
On the other hand, the police suspect that the woman was sprayed with naphtha and then try to burn it.
In addition, the house of the hospitalized victim was also burned and the police presume that this fire was provoked after attacking the woman.
The house, according to the police source, was constructed with precarious materials and on earth floor.
The alleged culprit of the fires as well as the son and daughter-in-law of the woman must testify today before the Justice while the burned woman is expected to be able to offer its version of the facts.Read Article


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