Human Rights systematically violated of sex workers in Mexico City

Jaime Montejo of the Independent News Agency Noti-Calle, Mexico City, March 6 March 2012. – “This March 8th we have nothing to celebrate sex workers in Mexico,” said Lucia, who engages in prostitution from 17 years ago in Merced. “The authorities consider us victims of trafficking and pimps, but in their operations, the police treat us worse than criminals,” said Ruby, transgender sex worker working in the streets of insurgents last 3 years. Kelly recalled that on January 7 this year, the Attorney General of the State of Jalisco (PGJEJ), used condoms and agreements with the municipal presidency of Guadalajara, for procuring fincar crimes and trafficking in persons, to staff Paris hotel. Ministerial PGJEJ, whose identity is reserved for security reasons, this reporter argued that condoms were used to test pimping and human trafficking, as some “pimps” are responsible for these items to give them sex workers, before filled. Another explanation is that prosecutors consider to be criminal activity “the carriage, distribution and sale” of condoms among sex workers-res, as if to illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine and other synthetics. They also stressed that such actions do not harm women because they are victims of the offenses specified. However, the reflection passing through the high, where is safeguarded the right to health, with the criminalization of condom promotion in the context of commercial sex. Read Article

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