How Hezbollah Financial Network works in Latin America

Posted on July 15, 2014 • Filed under: Crime, Latin America News, Organized Crime, Terrorism reported the Lebanese terrorist group has a more active presence in the region. La Triple Frontera and Venezuela, major operations centers. The risks facing those who finance it.

The operations of Hezbollah in Latin America are increasingly larger and more active. And to achieve that, the terrorist group took advantage of the massive presence of Lebanese settled throughout the region for more than one century and managed to create a very complex international network that mixes business, diplomacy, remittances, money laundering, terrorism, accomplices and victims.

The risks that face those who finance it – even unknowingly – are numerous. In September last, even the European Union declared terrorist group to Hezbollah, which carries severe penalties to contributors around the world. The decision of the Foreign Ministers of members of the international body was unanimous.

Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela and Chile are the major recipients of this immigration in Latin America. However, it is in the so-called Tri-border region where the… Read Article

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