Heritage of Eating Insects in Mexico

Posted on April 30, 2017 • Filed under: Culture, Mexico


Whitney Eulich/csmonitor.com / Mexican chefs are embracing entomophagy, or bug eating, amid heightened interest in their country’s heritage. But the high-protein, low-impact cuisine could have lessons for the rest of the world, as well……..

The Mesoamerican diet has long included hundreds of species of insects. Although many rural and small towns across the country have held on to the tradition, it fell out of favor in bigger cities where bugs are more often associated with rolled-up newspapers than nutrition.

But it’s having a renaissance, both in Mexico and internationally. Some vendors here today export their products, like Chilipines Gourmetier, which sells legless grasshoppers (less crunch getting stuck in one’s teeth) destined for Switzerland, Spain, and Canada. And top Mexican chefs have helped amp up the “cool factor” of edible insects in recent years with the inclusion of things like soft, cream-colored ant eggs in omelets at popular brunch spots, or crunchy grasshoppers mixed into guacamole at restaurants with white table cloths. Read Article

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