Guayaquil Ecuador: Wife of American Citizen shot playing Pokemon Go discusses ordeal

Posted on August 10, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Ecuador Travel

NOTE: reported the victim’s name as Mitchell Cleve William

ELUNIVERSO.COM reported CW Mitchell, a US citizen who was walking Sunday night with his wife, Emilia M .., by Teodoro Alvarado Avenue, a few meters from Samanes park, was seriously wounded after resisting a robbery.

It happened about 21:00, when the US citizen was playing with his spouse Pokemon Go on a tablet and two teenagers approached them with a gun and ordered them to turn over their belongings.

“They came with a gun, raked, insulted us and told us to give them everything,” said the wife of the foreigner, who had arrived in July to marry.

The assailants first beat the wife. The American age 35 who is former military, attempted to use pepper spray was then shot. One of thebullets grazed his leg. The other pierced his stomach and led to a massive hemorrhage. Doctors treating him said the bullet caused severe damage.

“My husband told me to keep the cell, kept it (being threatened), told me to run and they (teenagers) they hit me on the forehead,” said Emilia, while showing a hematoma.

According to the story of the wife, after the shooting, the attackers fled in a red Kia Sportage accompanied by two adults who were inside. Mitchell, his wife, tried to follow and managed to break one of the windows of the car.

In the midst of despair, Emilia that with the help of several young people who were in a Skoda, he took their wounded husband to a clinic north.

“I want him to wake up because surely remember their faces,” says his 21 year old wife.

The couple had only been in Guayaquil for a few days after moving from Cuenca. A couple of months ago the victim had also been robbed of his cell phone.

Close friends of the couple pray for the health of ofthe former soldier is in emergency. There came after losing 2.5 liters of blood. Yesterday required three pints of AB negative blood.


Her family has contacted the relatives of Mitchell for financial aid, as the military insurance does not work abroad, said his wife.

“It was all good even we just moved from Cuenca and he told me going to Guayaquil because it is closer to your mom and arriving the next day this happened,” said the woman.

The complaint was placed in the Office of Flagrancy of Albán Borja. The prosecutor Julio Sanchez, who was on duty, the complaint receivers.

Some neighbors of Samanes area where the event was registered abroad indicated that the lighting is not sufficient for this area bordering a ditch. Read Article

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