Guayaquil Ecuador: port, coast needs defence upgrades to alleviate losses in flooding catastrophe

Posted on August 18, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador, Enviromental Issues

Guayaquil Ecuador could face ($3.2 billion) in Ecuador
The world’s 136 largest coastal cities could risk combined annual losses of $1 trillion (750 billion euros) from floods by 2050 unless they drastically raise their defences, a study warned Sunday. World Bank economist Stephane Hallegatte and colleagues composed a loss risk scenario based on city population growth as well as different levels of sea level rise, protection upgrades and subsidence — the sinking of surface areas often linked to the extraction of oil or other ground resources.With protection upgrades, the cities with the highest projected annual losses by 2050 were Guangzhou ($13.2 billion), Mumbai ($6.4 billion) and Kolkota ($3.4 billion) in India, Guayaquil Ecuador ($3.2 billion) in Ecuador and Shenzhen ($3.1 billion) in China.


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