Guayaquil Ecuador: Foul Odor Leads Police to Corpse of Missing U.S. Expat

Posted on March 31, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

EXPAT COMMUNITY IN SHOCK OVER FINDING OF DEAD U.S. CITIZEN reported that the body of Jonathan Gilchrist, a U.S. citizen was located in layers of cement at least two meters deep, according to the prosecutor (fiscal).

A foul odor emanating from the residence in north Guayaquil prompted concern on the evening of March 29th, 2017. Police began an investigation and excavation at 10:00 pm Wed. night. Fire fighters were brought in with special equipment to extract the corpse of the U.S. expat. His body was removed at 5:00 AM Thursday according to statements made by neighbors.

One person pointed out the house where the dead body was buried and stated that the residence was rented out by two young women who apparently had frequent visit due to the variety of cars often parked there. The neighbor surmised that the deceased was probably a victim of robbery. The witness also stated that he did not believe the women acted alone and that there would have been men involved.

Colonel Richard Cuéllar, of Dinased confimed the tentant lived on the property. Police reported that Jonathan Charles Gilchrist was reported missing in January of 2017, and he lived in Salinas (Santa Elena)

Neighbors stated that the owner of the home lived on the top floor and is Colombian. Two other women ocuupied the lower floor of the residence. The police kept the Thursday morning shelter in the two-storey house, located in block 2553 and which on the ground floor was a pantry. Neighbors argued that the hostess was a Colombian citizen who lived on the top floor. The lower unit is rented by two women. Two citizens have been detained by national police. Read ArticleSAFETY, SECURITY, HEALTH IN ECUADOR – THIS IS ONE BOOK THAT IS A MUST READ

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