Guayaquil Ecuador: Family charges police in death of son

Posted on May 17, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency (machine translated) Relatives of the young deceased Edison Rizo in the exteriors of the Laboratory of Criminalistics of the Judicial Police.

Outside the Crimean Laboratory of the Judicial Police, in the south, Gisella Alcívar asked with the complaint in their hands that two policemen were investigated for the death of their son Édison Rizo Alcívar, 23, the early hours of yesterday.

According to relatives, near 01:00 the young man was arrested by police of the Vigilance Unit of Block 6 of Bastion Flower and then transferred to the University Hospital, where his death was confirmed.

Jennifer Valencia, girlfriend of the deceased, said they were celebrating in a corner shop when two policemen, CV and CZ, who shouted “stay still” and supposedly started shooting.

He commented that they were scared and ran, but Edison was arrested, who allegedly threw tear gas at him and blinded him and caused him to fall and hit his forehead. “He came to the 01:10 to the UPC alive and from there to the 01:30 they got him pimped (…),” he said.

Ricardo Córdova, district commander Nueva Prosperina, said that in the early morning they received a 911 alert that people were beating near a store and possibly possessing weapons.

When the police arrived, a group of people ran. The uniformed men arrested an individual, but the people of the sector insulted them and snatched the detainee.

According to the officer, one of the people who ran lost his balance and fell. He was taken to the UPC, but seeing that he had a discomfort, he was transferred to the hospital and verified the death. He added that, according to the autopsy, the young man died of acute pancreatitis. Read Article


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