German Diplomats denied entry to Ecuador, wanted to discuss environment before meetings in Peru

Posted on December 5, 2014 • Filed under: Ecuador, Enviromental Issues, Europe, Politics (Machine Translation from German to English) German deputies may not enter Ecuador. The Government of the Latin American country was disturbed on the itinerary of the group. Including climate protectors wanted to meet parliamentarians. Ecuador has approved oil drilling in the National Park Yasuní 2013. Ecuador’s Ambassador in Berlin, Jorge Jurado, should be appointed as a in the Foreign Ministry.

Actually the horizontal bar Ling houses SPD representative to the Bundestag Frank Swabian wanted to fly on today’s Friday to Quito – into the capital of Ecuador. The government of the Latin American country does not let it enter however. A diplomatic eclat.
President Raffael Correa disturbs that Swabian wants to speak with a delegation of German delegates around the green environmental politician Bärbel Höhn with Klimaschützern of its country. It should go around large drillings for oil in the national park Yasuni, for the president Correa in the summer 2013 the way made free.

„Us the entry to refuse, is a unique procedure. One communicated us that we were referred immediately in Ecuador after the landing the country. That is an absolute eclat “, explained Frank Swabian in the discussion with our editorship.

Equipped with diplomat passport

With seven delegates from different parliamentary groups – all equipped with a diplomat passport – it wanted to stop over on the way to the climate conference in the Peruvian capital Lima in Ecuador. „We wanted to meet also with representatives of the national oil producer and then in Lima also with the Secretary of the Environment of Ecuador. Reproaching of the government, our travel program is too one-sided and not balanced, does not apply not.” Of Ecuador Ambassador in Berlin, Jorge Jurano, this reproach also in the discussion with the newspaper Süddeutsche had stated.

“We can meet, with whom we want “, said Swabian. One wanted itself to look at furthermore also German development and climatic projects in Ecuador. Read Article
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