FARC: Proposal for delivery of French journalist Romeo Langlois

Posted on May 15, 2012 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, FARC

Public Statement of the Central Secretariat of the FARC-EP

The case of French journalist Romeo Langlois ideal way to reveal the undeniable role of mass media in the social order imposed by big business. Before that inform and promote free thinking citizens, the mainstream media distorts reality to become truly unique version of its sponsors.

Alone is revealing the indignation of the employees in the mainstream press, which in the grossest terms rejected our proposal to open a public debate on media freedom. By refusing to admit the discussion were taking part in it, assuming the defense open and servile to the interests of big business monopolies and informative.

On February 27 the FARC-EP officially communicate’d never make deductions of people for financial purposes. Grasp in the midst of a fight in a military operation who wears uniform of the enemy and accompanies him in no injures our commitment necessary. Just a really skewed view can consider it a kidnapping. Read Article

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