FARC attempting to acquire anti-aircraft weapons

Posted on April 27, 2012 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, FARC, Police/Military Activity

An Army intelligence officer said that, demobilized and reporting information, it is known that the fronts 34 and 36 of the Farc, in Antioquia offenders, trying to get guns UltraMAG point 50, that allow a sniper attack helicopters and vehicles shielded. The obsession of the FARC, says the officer, “is to get anti-aircraft weapons to counter the military advantage of the aircraft of the Armed Forces, key helicoportados attacks or bombings have fallen camps where their main leaders, such as Mono Jojoy or alias Raul Reyes “. The same intelligence source confirmed that the front 36, which acts in the north and northeast of Antioquia, acquired in recent months FiveSeven the famous pistols, long range, piercing body armor and the Mexican Mafia became known as the ” cop killer “. The explanation of the military is that the strategy of guerrilla fighting and moving around in small groups in civilian clothes prevented from using huge guns in sight. “These weapons are easy to conceal and carry gun facilitates the plan to attack police or guards.” Many of these weapons, the source added, are collected by the FARC in exchange for cocaine base in areas with illicit crops. Read Article

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