Ecuadors Culture of Narcissism (Opinion)

Posted on September 18, 2016 • Filed under: Culture, Ecuador
Ivan Sandoval Carrión

Narcissism and Ecuadorians


“You, Ecuadorians have a big problem: his narcissism”. I agree with the diagnosis of my dear foreign colleague about us, “the most friendly and hospitable people in the world”. Narcissism refers to a child’s development when all speaking beings, which constitutes for our identification with the mirror image. That founding moment, all we retain a remnant of narcissism that is normally expressed, among other manifestations- by demand for love and recognition that our self directed to others. Sometimes the residual narcissism creates conflicts in relations of the subject with their peers, or becomes a clinical problem that requires professional attention, as in psychosis. Or it manifests as a peculiarity that characterizes a society narcissism of Ecuadorians, who demand tribute “for our pretty face”.

What is our national narcissism? Usually overlap of false modesty, Ecuador’s narcissism is that overestimation of ourselves, who can not stand criticism or opinion different, because it was considered a grave offense to our honor, dignity and intelligence. That is, Ecuadorians are “very susceptible and resentful” and consider any adverse comment as an assault, to which we “defend”, “answer” or cut off the relationship. This inhibits the debate in any field, starting with the political arena, where from verification of differences, quickly passed from the issue of the exchange of insults words and physical, including aggression.

In the academic field, the Ecuadorian narcissism inhibits the act and production. Ecuador’s intelligentsia, in any discipline or political affiliation, support his narcissism in demand for recognition of their intelligence: we are extremely sensitive to criticism of our ideas. This atrophy critical thinking and makes many local “round tables” in theatrical exchanges of compliments from people who could produce more. The same thing happens in the field of arts, let alone in our family and domestic life: narcissism implies the expectation of “honors and attention” to our goodness or quality of husbands, wives, parents or others, when not are received, larval cause resentment, especially with in-laws. The narcissism of drivers in traffic produces many street and stupid, avoidable and sometimes fatal accidents fights.

Since our childhood, we learn the speech of narcissism to Ecuador. More than half a century, the first day of first grade we were taught that the national anthem of Ecuador “is the second most beautiful in the world after La Marseillaise” in a single act we started in the logic of Ecuador as “the most … the world “, with the exception of some foreign. The national anthem, the world’s highest active volcano, the most haunted islands, the most beautiful beaches, the finest cocoa and the best climate in the world, we reached our politicians, the most praised and doctorates the XXI century after Nelson Mandela. What narcissists Ecuadorians! So conceited so it did not cost us anything in return for what we lack, what it takes decades or centuries of building work: a country achieved. Read Opinion

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