Ecuadorians List Increasing Resentment Towards Expats

Posted on March 8, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador

By Ernie Millard/

Expats Accused of “unconscious privileged entitlement”.

Increasing resentment among Ecuadorians stems from the following identified concerns:

i.) Chronically ill, aging, and declining health gringos availing themselves of, and abusing the inadequately resourced medical care systems, and increasing pressures from health and dental tourism. After many years of concerned discussions, the new Ley Orgánica de Movilidad Humana addresses this issue and now requires all foreign visitors and immigrants to have their own medical insurance coverage.

ii.) Gringos banding together in linguistic isolation, lording their privileged entitlement and wealth over the locals, and assimilation with their new community is often superficial. Their interaction with locals is limited to required services, transactional exchanges for menial labor services, groceries, or fruit and vegetables etc.

iii.) Gringos with large homes with extra bedrooms, rental apartments, or informal bed and breakfast establishments catering to guests without complying with municipal regulations, licensing, and evading taxes, competing unfairly in with localr hospitality industry establishments. With the success of internet sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, Vacationrentals, Hometogo this is a worldwide issue for the hospitality industry.

iv.) Gringos establishing hobbies, trades services, smuggling goods, or operating other businesses to earn extra income without complying with municipal regulations, licensing, and evading taxes, again, competing unfairly with local service providers.


v.) Gringos providing informal tours — mercado, day excursions, country orientation, or real estate tours, etc. — without appropriate credentials and evading tax laws, competing with local tour providers and travel agencies.

vi.) Unlicensed gringos selling real estate and evading tax laws.

vii.) Gringo developments not complying with municipal regulations, licensing, and evading tax laws, directly enhancing their wealth by exploiting local poverty and foreigner’s ignorance.

viii.) Bewilderment as to why gringos leave their families, support networks, language and familiar culture behind.

ix.) Tercera edad gringos availing themselves “righteously” of the IVA rebate system which was established to “soften” life’s basic expenses for those retired Ecuadorians who have religiously contributed taxes for their entire working lives. For those luxury items gringos acquire and request a tax rebate — there has been a tightening of restrictions, along with active discussions about eliminating foreigners eligibility to collect any rebate as they have never contributed taxes.

x.) “Trapped, economic refugee” gringos who are obsessed with prices, resist adaptation, and continue to stay here in spite of their growing misery. Anyone whom they have contact with is made aware of how unhappy they are. Read Article

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