Ecuadorian Merchant Killed in Cold Blood (Video)

Posted on June 10, 2011 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity, Social Issues

According to Ecuavisa a merchant, Christian Ruiz Martillo, was killed in cold blood by his brother in law, Duval Mora Valverde. The incident was caught on tape in the city of Duran in the province of Guayas. Mr. Valverde was married to Mr. Ruiz’s sister, who moved to Spain with their children. Reportedly, Duval Valverde was very upset and seeking vengeance on the Ruiz family. He had threatened the family, but the Ruiz’s never thought that he would kill Mr. Ruiz, stated Vanessa Ruiz. The incident occurred when the alleged assailant located the victim in the city of Duran. He attempted to escape after being shot in the foot. The assailant chased the victim two blocks and cornered him against a building at which point he shot the victim in the head and the chest. A brother of the assailant was also present during the assault. The gunmen remains at large.

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