Ecuador: Youth age 17, sanctioned for displaying obscene signs at the president

Posted on May 5, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics reported according to Luis Calderon, the incident with the president of Ecuador , Rafael Correa , he took place in Quito when passing caravan leader and adolescent beckoned: down thumbs and the right forearm with the left hand was taken, a gesture commonly known as “yuca” in the country and considered obscene.

According to the 17 years, the caravan stopped and Correa got out and proceeded to complain. The daily La Republica reported that the testimony of the boy has been posted on the social network YouTube by Assemblywoman Lourdes Tibán.

“I thought it was down to greet people, but when I realized the president was at my side,” he explained. “. I grabbed his chest and shook me I said: ‘spoiled boy, learn to respect your president,'” he said, according to El Universo . At that moment the young man says he was attacked.

“From a cowardly way, they came for the back and I attacked several officers who were with him itself, the presidential guard,” he said and continued: “They took me everywhere, even by the head and not let I could say anything. All I did was turn the other cheek. ”

Calderon was moved to Unit of flagrancy on Avenida Patria and October 9, where the Juvenile Offenders Unit of the Metropolitan District of Quito sanctioned with a verbal warning and 20 hours of community service. Read Article


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