Ecuador: Vocalist for band Grim Reaper loses part of leg due to infection

Posted on January 23, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Grim Reaper’s lead vocalist overcome by foot infection while on South America tour in Ecuador.

Diabetes Related, Singer suffers severe foot ulcer infection/ / Despite travel insurance / wife states company refused to pay because of preexisting condition.
Vocalist Steve Grimmett – who had part of his leg amputated earlier this month – remains in a South American hospital after being refused flight home when the airline disallowed him to board on Saturday evening. Grimmett has been battling a life-threatening condition for a week after being rushed to a local hospital in Ecuador; the singer was amidst a tour in support of Grim Reaper’s latest album, “Walking In The Shadows.”

Grimmett’s wife, Amelia Grimmett, has been updating fans around the globe of the singer’s condition via the band’s official Facebook page since the reports started to surface on January 14th. “Last Saturday, whilst doing a gig in Ecuador, Steve was taken very ill,” she noted. “He finished the gig sitting down but was transported to a local hospital immediately after the performance where they operated to remove an infection.”


In an interview with Larry Kay of The Metal Voice this past weekend, Ms. Grimmett further detailed the situation: “The band was only ten days into a South American tour when Steve began to feel ill. He took some tablets thinking it was maybe altitude sickness. However during the early part of the band’s performance, Steve’s health went downhill quickly. He was taken to hospital and rushed into surgery to attempt to remove a growing infection on his foot. Read Article

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