Ecuador: uncertainty, tension over election votes

Posted on February 21, 2017 • Filed under: Conflicts, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Politics Jim Wyss
This Andean nation could face days of uncertainty and tension as election authorities said Sunday’s contentious presidential vote remains too close to call — casting doubt on whether there will be a runoff. The warning came as ruling party candidate Lenín Moreno assured his followers he was on the cusp of winning outright, and the opposition raised the specter of fraud.


National Electoral Council (CNE) President Juan Pablo Pozo on Monday said authorities were pushing forward with the count as quickly possible but that it could take as long as three days to determine if a runoff is merited, and five to eight days to have definitive results. While he acknowledged the delay would only heighten tensions, he said the outcome could come down to the final ballots. “It’s a fight over each and every vote as to whether there is a runoff or not,” he said.

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