Ecuador: U.S. couple kidnapped in Vilcabamba demand justice

Posted on August 7, 2014 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity

Kidnapping in Vilcabamba
Marcelle Elizabeth Muller is a psychologist.
Robert Walter Sniadach is medical.
They have been in Ecuador three years, six months lived in Cuenca, the rest in Loja.
Both include the programme for the protection of victims and witnesses of the Prosecutor’s Office and the support of the national police service. reported the couple fear that the case take a fast-track procedure and reduced the sanction those responsible.

On March 30 of this year a couple of Americans domiciled in Vilcabamba was kidnapped in this community. They spent eight hours in captivity, being threatened with a firearm and a short stabbing, receiving death threats that they delivered money to them and not let what has happened to the police, however that did not happen.


Marcelle Elizabeth Muller and Robert Walter Sniadach, victims of this case, filed the complaint and a judicial process that began after four months, even though they claim to have all the evidence which sustain crime, fear not justice in the proportion of the fact that affected them psychologically, as they allege sleep problems, post traumatic stress disorder and the fear of threats are met.

The case involves a former employeed/worker of the victims and his cousin, who would be the alleged perpetrators of the kidnapping and extortion to the Americans, who live in the same sector. His defense would be driving a process abbreviated to the Prosecutor’s Office, claiming that the case has one lesser sanction. Read Article

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