Ecuador: Two French Tourists Report Theft of Computers on bus, security camera not on

Posted on June 15, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency /machine translated

Two French tourists report theft of computers on bus from Peru to Guayaquil

The foreigners, students of the University of Toulouse, France, went to the Office of the Public Prosecutor yesterday with part of their luggage.

Research work on the ethnicities of Colombia, which she had compiled for her thesis on anthropology and which was stored on her laptop, was what Oceane, a French tourist, most lamented yesterday morning having lost to being the victim of a robbery When traveling on a bus from an international cooperative from Peru to Guayaquil.


Sitting in the flagrancy unit of the Prosecutor’s Office, Albán Borja, the foreigner hoped to end the formalities of the complaint to continue her journey. At his side was his partner, a French communication student who also lost his laptop.

According to the affected, they realized the theft when arriving at the terminal at 07:30 and see that there was no longer the backpack they had placed in the luggage rack and that contained computers, a camera and a newspaper.

“Nobody wanted to help us … they told us it was their fault, we stole precious things on this laptop,” said Oceane, 20.

He mentioned that they left Peru at 01:00 and arrived in Guayaquil at 07:30.

He said he complained to the bus driver, but was told that the cameras were off. “They say it’s direct, but they make lots of stops, and we were asleep, we were very tired,” he said.

Oceane said they had high expectations of visiting the country and staying at least ten days, but after the robbery did not know if they would or continue their trip to another country. “I do not know what we are going to do … we were very attracted to Ecuador, but no longer …”, she lamented.

Flagrancia prosecutor Miguel Vélez said that it would be available for agents of the Judicial Police to move to the offices of the transport cooperative at the land terminal to collect information and confirm if there was any video camera to identify the author or authors Read Article

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