Ecuador to lay cable that will improve internet capacity 160 times

Posted on August 9, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador, Internet reported The cable will be implemented by the company Telconet in coordination with the national government. Photo: Telconet

Quito, 09 Aug (Andes). – Ecuador implement a 7,000 km submarine cable will improve in 160 times the capacity of the Internet to consume throughout Ecuador, which will enable the speed in terms of telecommunications services provider company reported Telconet wire.

The new cable “Pacific Caribbean Cable Systems” (PCCS) connected to Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Aruba, Curacao, British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to the United States. This will be a real alternative international connectivity and will be the most important connection to Internet content.


The cable will be implemented by the company Telconet, in coordination with the national government. Besides optimizing telecommunications processes, generate jobs of high level for Ecuadorians.

The Telconet CEO, Tomislav Topic, this work indicated that Ecuador will place the first world level in terms of connectivity. The implementation will be ready by the end of 2014.

This work is a joint achievement-Topic said Telconet 100% Ecuadorian company, in consortium with valuable international companies such as Telefónica, Setar and UTS, and the support and openness of the Ecuadorian State. Although private investment policy is being withheld, Telconet president is reported that hundreds of millions of dollars.

Alvaro Armijos, Deputy Minister of Information Technologies and Communications, said that the implementation of the submarine cable represents a breakthrough in telecommunications for the country.

“It is not only a technological concept, linked to the field of telecommunications but is the engine to achieve several goals such as boosting the economy, boosting innovation and social development,” he added.

At present only two submarine cables reach Ecuador: the Pan American Cable, installed in 1998, which is ending its life and can not expand its capacity, and the cable SAM 1, which is private and limited capacity, it serves all Latin America. Read Article

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