Ecuador: Three types of criminal modalities prevelant in 12 provinces

Posted on December 20, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency reported Psychological violence, robbery and theft are the most common crimes that pass the prosecutors office. In Pichincha the first conviction for emotional abuse was achieved. Writing Justice The Provincial Prosecutor of Pichincha obtained the first conviction for psychological violence since the inclusion of this criminal type in the Integrated Criminal Code (COIP). The sentenced is Geovanny P., who is serving 30 days of custodial sentence for psychologically violating his wife. He was also forced to pay $ 150 as compensation to restore the emotional health of the affected through psychological therapies. The facts were denounced on August 21, 2014, after the victim received verbal and physical aggression inside his home, which is why he requested the intervention of police officers and the accused was arrested in flagrante delicto. The crime of psychological violence, robbery and theft are among the three highest incidents in the provinces of Carchi, Zamora Chinchipe, Azuay, Morona Santiago, Los Ríos, Orellana, Bolívar, Cotopaxi, Esmeraldas, Pastaza, Santa Elena and Sucumbíos. Iván Sandoval, provincial prosecutor of Carchi, reported that the most recurring crime reported in 2015 is that of psychological violence, which meant that 488 cases were opened. While the second crime of greatest incidence is robbery, with 367 events, and theft occupies the third place with 324 processes. The Organic Comprehensive Criminal Code, which entered into force on August 10, 2014, article 157.1 typifies the crime of mild psychological violence and issues a custodial sentence of 30 to 60 days.

Morona Santiago prosecutor Ana Madero said that the highest number of convictions issued last year were sexual offenses, theft and robbery. According to the report of the Bolivarian Prosecutor’s Office, 439 cases were launched for psychological and physical violence against women and more members of the family, 296 for intimidation, 286 for theft, 275 for robbery, among others. In 2015, 3,052 hearings were held, 2,670 related to crimes and the others for violations, Bolivar prosecutor Manuel Sánchez Guillén said. Theft and Theft Last year in Guayas a process for the theft of medicines was initiated at the IESS ‘Teodoro Maldonado Carbo’ Hospital in Guayaquil, seven people were charged in this case, which is part of the management carried out during 2015 by the Prosecutor’s Office of Guayas . According to prosecutor Paúl Ponce, the highest number of sentences corresponds to criminal matters, with 3,961 failures. In Santa Elena the robbery registered 1,748 cases, becoming the main crime to fight, followed by theft with 584 causes and psychological violence recorded 511 files resolved. The provincial prosecutor of Santa Elena, Santiago Cargua, in his accountability of the year 2015, stressed that the judicial actions undertaken by the entity resulted in 100 judgments, between convictions, mixed and acquittals.


Also in Sucumbíos, 1,388 cases of robbery were solved, in which condemnatory, absolutory and mixed sentences were obtained. The provincial prosecutor, Feliciano Azuero Rodas, indicated that this crime is considered one of the highest incidence in the eastern province; Then there are the 650 processes for psychological violence that came to a failure. At the Prosecutor’s Office in Esmeraldas, 3,979 complaints were received for property damage, 1,980 against sexual integrity, 1,524 for intimidation, 883 traffic offenses and 245 for gun violence. Read Article

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