Ecuador: Three sentenced to prison in assault and kidnapping of U.S. expat couple

Posted on March 6, 2015 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity

Sources report that defendants in the assault, robbery, and kidnapping of U.S. expat couple in August of 2014, were sentenced to prison in Loja Ecuador before a court. Two of the Ecuadorian kidnappers received a prison sentence of 17 years. A third culprit received 5 years.

On Tuesday Auguust 12, 2014, a couple from the United States residing in Vilcabamba, Ecuador were victims of a home invasion, robbery and kidnapping. reported… Accurate Details Regarding the Vilcabamba Kidnapping (August 2014)

Here is an accurate summary of the events regarding the Vilcabamba home invasion, robbery, and kidnapping of an American couple.

The couple requests that their privacy be respected and to please understand that each time they are asked to relay details it is traumatizing. Thus it is hoped everyone will allow them the time to heal from this life-threatening trauma.

12 August 2014 at approximately 10:30pm Robbers/Kidnappers entered their rental as they slept.

(They had a guest, an Ecuadorian named Adrian, who presented himself as a cardiologist. They knew him for 9 months and thought him a good friend.)

There were two Ecuadorian kidnappers. One told her, in Spanish, to not scream as he dragged her to the guest room to view that Adrian was lying on the floor bound hand and foot. Her husband had his hands and feet duct-taped and put into a bedroom. She fought back as the Ecuadorian men duct-taped her eyes and mouth.

SUSPECTS DETAINED: reported three people were charged by the prosecution. There is evidence that incriminarían them.

After the accusation made by the public prosecutor in Loja against Adrián M. O., Rafael M. C. and Eli V. G., alleged involved in the abduction of S. Y., U.S. citizen, is expected that Loja guarantees Criminal Court set the time and date for the initiated trial hearing.

Friday, November 7, 2014 was the preparatory hearing trial and formulation of opinion where Viviana Ordóñez Montaño, Prosecutor of Loja, accused the three citizens of participating in the alleged crime and supported in abundant evidence collected in the places where the apparent kidnapping was consummated.

Victim transported in her own vehicle
The night of Tuesday, August 12, 2014, at about 22:00, three citizens would have burst into the housing of the American citizen, 58 years old, based in Vilcabamba, and against the will of her embarked it on an owned vehicle to undertake the flight toward the northern border Read Article


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