Ecuador: Rains Return to Loja, Cuenca, Central Sierra

Posted on September 16, 2016 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Ecuador Travel, Weather/Climate reported…Cuenca / Loja / Ambato.- The center of Loja was affected by rain on Wednesday night. Until yesterday afternoon, Mayor Bolívar Castillo and staff of different municipal departments assessed the damage caused by the torrential downpour that lasted about four hours. The Gonzanamá street where urban regeneration works are carried out, was the most affected. On this site the sewers did not support the amount of water and bounced into the street, causing flooding and affecting mainly vehicular traffic. In the northern part of the city there were problems due to heavy rains. In Cuenca rainfall also they returned strongly. The Tomebamba river flow exceeded 50 cubic meters of water per second on Wednesday night, but yesterday declined and reached its normal state that is 10 m3 / sec. The river Machángara also grew, but not the Tarqui and Yanuncay. Meanwhile, in the center of the country in the past 48 hours, the rains were strong in the provinces of the central Sierra. The first effects were landslides and one of the points most affected was the canton Patate. Yesterday, the ECU911 warned of a mudslide of 40 meters, approximately the Patate-La Switzerland via caused by the rains. A dump truck, a bulldozer and a backhoe of the municipality were sent to the area to step enabled. However, it was reported another drawback: the supply of drinking water from city center Patate was also affected. Council workers tried to restore service until the close of this edition. According to Inamhi for today is estimated to be clear and cloudy skies with scattered showers. (I) ——————– In Cañar there were slight rainfall Via Guarumales-Mendez, affected by the downpour The Paute-Guarumales-Mendez route was also affected by the rains. In the El Cabo, a landslide blocked the passage of vehicles for a few hours. Inhabitants of the parish staffed by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, cleared the road and left free circulation by this sector. In the province of Cañar light rain did not affect the people, Galo Sanchez, Zonal Coordinator Risk Management reported were reported. Read Article


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