Ecuador: Rafael Correa: “I should control my temper, I’ve always been very effusive”

Posted on December 3, 2012 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics

Interview with President of Ecuador:
The Republic has a minority stake in Teleamazonas. What do you think of foreign investment in Ecuadorian media?

See, I am a critic of fundamental rights in the hands of private property and businesses for profit. It is a contradiction, are providing the right business. How can they be in the hands of a business? Second, it is a right and a good, technically speaking, quite special. It’s not like your recorder (taking in his right hand and shows me), that when you want to pay for it. The information is a public good, available to all. How is it funded? With sponsors. Not that sold information to citizens, which are sold to sponsors citizens. And that says Ignacio Ramonet (former director of Le Monde Diplomatique and student of media). Then, the information is a function of the sponsors, that’s undeniable. And he says Ramonet. If you want, reclámele him. Read Article

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