Ecuador: Protests pro and against Correa take to the streets

Posted on June 9, 2015 • Filed under: Conflicts, Ecuador, Politics

Protests for and against the regime take to the streets
Quito reported concentrations for and against the government in the afternoon and last night there were around Tribune Shiri (in the north).

The first to arrive were supporters of Alianza PAIS before 17:00, who took to the steps of the Tribune Shiri waving flags Ecuador and its party organization. After this time, another group with placards and shouting rejected the regime.

A war of slogans were heard from both sides. The ruling phrases like “uh, ah, Correa will not” or “re-election, re-election”. From the other side, “Correa outside out” or “this is Ecuador, not Venezuela”.

According to General Lino Proano, some 250 police rushed to the site to separate the sides, passing the slogans insults. Traffic on the av. Shiri was diverted.

After 21:00 there were still people on both sides continue to demonstrate.


In Guayaquil, the ruling were held in the basement of the Interior, from 16:00, to support the political project. Meanwhile, another group protested against a hike in the av. October 9 with black flags and tricolor.

In Twitter protests were reported also in Cuenca and Galapagos. In the latter, as the Ecuavisa accounts reported that 250 militants had been disenrolled PAIS Alliance and burned shirts and credentials. Ecuadorinmediato reported that the runway at San Cristobal have been taken by the demonstrators. Read Article

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