Ecuador: President of Banco Pichincha rules out Bank Holiday

Posted on April 24, 2015 • Filed under: Economy, Ecuador / Antonio Acosta, president of Banco Pichincha, said the Ecuadorian financial system does not cross no crisis for with $ 25,600 million in deposits and a return that exceeds 12 percentage points is stable.

Acosta, who was speaking in the context of an agreement with UN women for gender empowerment in the financial system, said “of course there are no technical criteria for this type of rumors, nothing has happened in these days as to think that a holiday, a freeze or exchange is justified. ”

The head of the bank also said that this type of information may be due to political interests.

“They should be seeking to generate some buzz desestabiliazación, rumors are bound to this public call for May 1 marches, where sadly, we see that it is calling for a confrontation.”


Meanwhile, the Superintendency of Banks and Insurance, issued a statement guaranteeing the soundness of the financial system. This, then released on social networks on an alleged “bank holiday” and arise at a time when the country faces falling oil prices and the appreciation of the dollar rumors. Read Article

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