Ecuador: Possibility of FARC members dissenting to form new criminal group

Posted on August 10, 2016 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Ecuador, FARC, Organized Crime

People worried about an alleged armed group canton of Sucumbios

ILLEGAL GROUP CALLS THEMSELVES(M.R.A. Comuneros del Ecuador) reported the bombing at a shop of Puerto El Carmen de Putumayo, occurred early Friday, it publishes a fact that a few months ago has been rumored in Ecuadorian rural communities in the border with Colombia on the alleged formation of a new armed group operating outside the law in this area.

The merchant affected by the blast said the attack was in retaliation because he and other traders have refused to pay the ‘vaccine’ that this alleged group has begun to ask in the area, including extortion.

This is called “MRA Communards of Ecuador” and would be acting in the border cantons of Lago Agrio and Putumayo. The assertion is based on the inhabitants ballots and pamphlets that the alleged illegal armed group has spread in the city of Puerto El Carmen and other venues in the area.


The flier says: “This is to wish them success in their daily work, in order to ask a collaboration in food and add the list. We look forward to your cooperation, respond to phone 3228842816 “. Firman as “Mountains of Ecuador MRA Communards”.

In El Carmen de Putumayo traders have been invited to clandestine meetings with this alleged illegal group where agreed between the percentage of contribution to be delivered, those who have attended these meetings rather not talk about it. The few who have refused to go report the case to the authorities take care of what is happening in the border area.

The inhabitant affected by the explosion has no doubt that the bomb placed him in his shop is in retaliation and intimidation by their attitude and contrary to the alleged illegal armed group posture. “I suffer this attack because I have not communed with these ideas and I have not paid vaccines usually supposed that I am Ecuadorian living in Ecuador and can not be subjected to such acts”.

In Putumayo they recognize that for many years the FARC has been present in the area disarmed, but say they had never been attacked with explosives occurred.

The dweller says that 10 traders have refused to pay the ‘vaccine’ and opted for resistance and fear others have agreed to blackmail.

Border residents have pointed out that following the peace talks between the Government of Colombia and the FARC began to come, which would consist of Ecuadorian and Colombian rumors of the formation of a new group. Among them, FARC dissidents would not be willing to surrender their weapons in the peace process.


“The bomb placed in the local partner is to frighten us who resist their blackmail,” says another local resident.

According to testimonies of merchants, unknown men came to the village and without any prior dialogue require them to embark on a canoe and take the San Miguel and Putumayo River to unknown places pactarían the “cooperation agreements”. Read Article

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