Ecuador, Peru Border: Huge amounts of contraband fuel cross daily

Posted on August 11, 2013 • Filed under: Border Issues, Crime, Ecuador, Oil, Peru

eLCOMERCIO.PE reported that at least $ 50,000 in illegal fuel daily across the border. PNP recognizes that should get 100 agents there is a change.
At least fifteen gangs involved in the gas contraband business. At least seven border crossings involved.

Aguas Verdes, Tumbes , 6:35 pm The traffic flow that is born in the International Channel Zarumilla where Ecuador Peru fires you and welcomes you, it stops. At 500 meters from the station of Aguas Verdes, this county staff Motorcycle traffic slows to a row of about 40 ‘barges’ to travel on the road Panamericana Norte quietly. Or not burn all.

Within these cars seventies, the driver’s seat is the only thing that is not full of plastic bags Ecuadorian oil. To increase productivity, lead roof gasoline tanks. Nobody touches horn, no one dares to get in the way. It is the realm of fast pump that row.

Just before reaching the position of Customs, less than a mile from where they left, continue along a path located behind the office. Like a chase a police van appears. So does motorized agent. But lie beside her, as if they were his escort. At 6:45 pm gone.


This is the daily dynamics on the northern border. According to the Police Prosecutor in this region, there are seven other routes-including one by sea up to Chimbote-smugglers taking to go in convoy with about 50 gallons of fuel. The recipients are in Tumbes, Piura and to Chiclayo .

Actually, it all starts in Machala, five hours from the border. As in Huaquillas, which borders Aguas Verdes, the Ecuadorian State has nationalized faucets and only sell to the citizens of his country, the 15 gangs that have been detected have to get to Machala.
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