Ecuador: Parents behind on child support and jailed, allowed work furlough program

Posted on January 24, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador reported according to President Rafael Correa, the current law on maintenance payments “is tremendously unfair.” (Referential)

Javier Donoso is a family father and has terminal cancer. He suspended his treatment after being detained for being late in paying his children’s pensions. The hearing was held this January 17, the Constitutional Court in Quito, by the constitutional claim he submitted to be ‘module’ the distraint or imprisonment.


For Donoso could reflect that the idea of replacing the prison by other measures for debtors alimony -the parents’ good fe’- is on track. These are the people who owe because they suffer from a catastrophic illness or justify that they have no job.

According to President Rafael Correa, the current law “is grossly unfair; we are filling the prisons with innocent and I will not allow. ” He said so on December 3, 2016, during his Enlace Ciudadano.

In that context, yesterday (January 17) the legal secretary of the Presidency, Alexis Mera, raised an additional alternative: the nocturnal prison. He explained that the measure is in Chilean law. According to this system, the debtor will fulfill his labor obligations during the day and will be presented at night in the social rehabilitation center established by the judge.

According to Justice Minister Ledy Zúñiga, you want that judges have the possibility of issuing alternative measures rather than preventive detention for those who, for reasons beyond their control, can not afford. That way the father or mother of a minor can pay the maintenance allowance because he will keep the job. Mera said that including this measure does not require reform through legislation. Read Article

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