Ecuador one of ten countries in Latin America selling paint with lead

Posted on August 6, 2016 • Filed under: Ecuador, Latin America Health reported Ecuador is one of the ten countries in Latin America where still sold paint plomo(lead) according to a report by the AGEPP, a joint cooperative initiative led by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Program for Environment Programme (UNEP), which was presented in May and showing the magnitude of the problem of regulation in 128 countries.
WHO data reports 143,000 people die from health problems resulting from lead poisoning.
But where this substance is present? For it is in some decorative paints that are used to beautify facades or inside homes. There are even toys that contain lead, so pose a threat to children who may also ingest lead paint chips when playing on the floor and collect particles -present even in the dust and put their hands in their mouths.
Miguel Costales, president of the National Chemical Producers’ Association (APROQUE), which unionizes companies that generate 85% of the production of paints in the country, says that do exist regulations and requirements to be met over the permitted level of lead. He adds that the problem could arise informally companies that produce this product.
The damage occurs when people lead particles enter the human body and travel to lodge in the brain, liver, kidneys, bones and teeth, says WHO. among the main consequences is dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. In more severe cases it leads to deafness, mental retardation, seizures and even death. Read Article


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