Ecuador: Mother of deceased tourist does not believe official account of events

Posted on March 1, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador

MONTANITA ECUADOR: reported the mother of one of the two young tourists murdered in Ecuador does not believe the official version of the murder provided by Ecuadorian authorities. She also believes officials have detained the wrong men.

Gladys Steffani, mother of Maria Jose Coni, one of the women killed in Montanita, said she did not believe the official version that released the government of Ecuador. The woman further alleges that her daughter and her friend were victims of a human trafficking network.

“Detainees are not the murderers. They were arrested for us to stay calm, but let’s go back , ” said the mother, who denied that her daughter needed money and asked for accommodation to the alleged murderers, as reported by the Ecuadorian authorities .

“They had credit cards and had announced his return , ” he said the woman, who asked for help means “the way of truth. The two detainees are perejiles”.

The mother had spoken by Radio El Mundo earlier. “We started the search on Saturday morning, and took for missing having not reached Chile and Mendoza. We will not stop until we know who it was,” said the woman.

The tourists had traveled on January 10 with two other friends. They were in Peru and Ecuador, until February 13 separated. Coni Menegazzo and continued towards Montañita, while the other two girls returned to Argentina. They had visited the typical places of both countries, including the ruins of Machu Picchu stands. They should return to Mendoza, where they lived, with a flight that would take them from Peru to Chile, but never boarded that plane. Read Article


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