Ecuador makes improvements in solving murder cases

Posted on July 13, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency reported: The “in situ” investigation is the strength of the National Office for Crimes Against Life, Violent Deaths, disappearances, Extortion and Kidnapping (Dinased) Police Ecuador. So says Colonel Victor Araus, national head of the special unit. This action allowed the Dinased, created in 2014, halving the violent crimes that occurred in the country. The statistics displayed by the police authorities, analyzed in the first half, reveal that 1,017 violent and in the same period this year 504 cases occurred in 2012 deaths were recorded. “The strength in research now lies in the actions of researchers in flagrante delicto. Is shown effectiveness lies in all the information and evidence that are collected in the early hours of the crime committed against life, disappearances or kidnappings, “explains Araus. The police chief recalls that in 2012 and 2013 of 2,000 murders or homicides, only 12% or 13% of the cases were solved. “We’re talking about 2,000 deaths that we solved only between 180 and 200 cases.” Then, referring Colonel Araus from 2014, when the Dinased is formed, 60% of cases in 2015 to 66% and the target for the end of 2016 will be 75% in resolution resolved. “The important thing here is the message of zero impunity given to society. Earlier, as mentioned in the press, only complaint was setting and there came up the research process, but now it is not so, “says the head of the national Dinased. also it highlights the support of the state, whose officials have sought police house in preparation and internationally. Interior Minister José Serrano Salgado, matches and highlights the preparation Araus now researchers have Dinased and all special police units. “The Dinased to investigate violent deaths now has sufficient research tools to the crime scene and the periodic preparation of its members, which from the moment an event occurs made a total sweep of the site where the event occurred” . The head of the Dinased remembers that before the soldiers when discovering any kind of organic fluid at the scene of a crime, there lived a “ordeal” for the Luminol, a chemical that reacts emitting luminescence in the presence of hemoglobin it is one of the substances that make up the blood. As an example of the use of Luminol and other police techniques to discover the author of a murder, Colonel Araus manifests effective policing in the identification of the 6 persons involved in the murder of a child in the cooperative Balerio Estacio , whose body was discovered in the shipping channel Daule-Peripa or “death channel”.




In this case, the Luminol played an important role in determining the site where he was killed the minor and the participation of detainees. The chemical compound revealed traces of blood in the house inhabited by the detainees and the vehicle used to move the body to the site where it was found the 22 of last June. Serrano minister linked through their own social network Twitter, the death of small to operate a network of microtraficantes of the northwest area of the city. The application of the same substance also revealed the involvement of Segundo Aurelio P. and A. in the murder of Argentine tourists Marina Menegazzo and Maria Jose Coni, occurred last February in the town of Montañita of the parish Manglaralto in the province of St. Helen. Resolution of kidnappings Deputy Interior Minister, Diego Fuentes Acosta, last week in Guayaquil, described as important the work of the Unit and the Anti – Kidnapping missing and Extortion (Join) Unit. On the issue of the resolution of cases of missing persons, Dinased has had an effectiveness of 87%. Of the 2,581 cases reported, 2,233 were resolved at national level. However, last month, the Association of Relatives and Friends of Disappeared Persons in Ecuador (Asfadec) staged a protest march in Quito for alleged inconsistencies in handling statistics between the Attorney General and Dinased. Read Article

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