Ecuador: LAC airlines to open new route between Loja and Latacunga

Posted on October 11, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador, Latin America Aviation, TRAVEL

Loja, October 10 (Andes).- Starting this October 22nd, a new air route will link the cities of Loja (Andean South) and Latacunga (Andean Center), within the trend to increase flight to destinations other than the two main cities of Ecuador (Quito and Guayaquil), which makes domestic tourism more pleasant.

Flight routes between Loja and Latacunga and vice versa will start on October 22 through LAC, the fourth Ecuadorian airline that creates additional connection routes between the coast, center and south areas of the country with the province of Cotopaxi, whose capital is Latacunga, located 89 Km from Quito.

The new route – as is the case with flight routes from the airlines Sudamericana de Aviación, TAME and Saereo – seeks to maximize the Cotopaxi’s airport’s services and create close flight alternatives to the capital, reported LAC’s manager, Sandro Ruiz, to Andes Agency.

The airline’s spokesperson added that in the Loja-Latacunga route they will offer four flights Monday and Friday, and four more between Saturday and Sunday. “But the rest of the days there will be no flights on that route because the company will provide charter service to the Amazon”, explained Ruiz.

That will expand to nationwide the service of Cotopaxi’s terminal; afterwards the projection of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Ecuador (DAC) is to have international flights from this airport.

The opening of this additional connection route between the South and North side of the country creates expectations in the business and tourism industries of Loja, a province that borders with Perú. According to the DAC, six thousand passengers travel every month the Loja-Quito route and vice versa.

Austrita Castro, president of Loja’s Tourism Chamber, explained that the airline’s route has a special meaning for the tourism industry. “Additional flight options between Loja and Quito will ease transportation for domestic and foreign tourists, so they include that province in their tour”, said the leader.

Sandro Ruiz specified that they will keep the Loja – Quito route until October 21. On the other hand, he announced that air service, with a promotional round trip rate of USD $116 will include free passenger transportation between the Cotopaxi airport and the Bicentenario Park and vice versa.

Cotopaxi’s Airport has a runway that is 3,641 meters long and Loja’s – where LAC’s aircraft CRJ Bombardier has been landing for the past five months as part of the Loja – Quito route is 1,860 meters long. Read Article

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