Ecuador: Journalist receives death threats after publishing investigative report

Posted on October 8, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador, Human Rights Latin America reported that a Journalist Threatened is after publishing an article on insurances of public enterprises – Journalist Juan Carlos Calderón received Death Threats and warnings after publishing an investigative report on Alleged mismanagement of reinsurance plans of public enterprises on the new digital magazine, Plan V. That Told Fundamedios Calderon on September 26 I received a threat through a short text message in Which He was warned: “we will beat your ass off if you keep messing With This issue”. The message Also Said That would be Followed Closely Calderon. Calderon is a well-known journalist in Ecuador investigation.’ve Directed Vanguardia Magazine until it was closed on June, 2013, after the Communications Law was passed. A few weeks ago I Launched Plan V, by teaming up with other former journalists from Vanguard. Read Article

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