Ecuador: Increase in tolls on Alóag – Santo Domingo route

Posted on April 18, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Maria Victoria Espinosa/ reported with the opening of the new toll , located at kilometer 88 of the Alóag – Santo Domingo road, users started paying this April 17, 2017 a value that equals three tolls . For example, a light vehicle pays USD 1 at the Santo Domingo station and USD 2 at Alóag; In the latter are included two values: a dollar that was normally charged at the station Alóag ( Pichincha ) and another dollar for the toll that was stopped in the jurisdiction of Santo Domingo when the Pichincha Prefecture toppled its station in January 2016. That’s why a heavy truck pays up to USD 6 in the province Tsachila and USD 12 in Pichincha. Through a press release , the Prefecture of Pichincha ratified that will maintain the rates that have been charged for a year at the toll, located in Alóag. That entity said that the price was set a year ago by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works when the toll, located in Santo Domingo, was overthrown . “We are respectful of the regulations and we are attached to the law, ” the statement said. The Prefecture of Pichincha states that, through Official Letter No. MTOP-SDCT-17-180-OF of April 10, 2017, the State portfolio informed the Prefectures that “once the management model that makes the (Alóag – Santo Domingo), it will be possible to proceed with the operation of the toll stations authorized by the MTOP, meanwhile , the current charging schedule for the Alóag toll should be maintained. ” But Santo Domingo prefect Geovanny Benítez said that the toll station’s authorization is based on the legal framework of an agreement signed on January 4, 2017, in which the Ministry of Transport grants the administration of the toll station Toll. “We had to make that decision because it is necessary to have the resources to expand the stretch from the Toachi Union to four lanes and that is why resources are needed.” Benitez said he is willing to continue dialogue with the Pichincha Prefecture and the guilds . In fact, the previous week, met with carriers .


Fernando Ortiz , president of the president of the Provincial Heavy Transport Union of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, said that they do not oppose the opening of the toll. But they do not agree with the values ​​that are charged in the tolls. “If the Prefectures can not be understood, then let the government administer the route because it is not a provincial route but a national one that links the Sierra with the Coast.” The Prefecture of Pichincha noted that since January 2017 meetings have been held between the authorities and technical teams of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works and the Prefectures of Pichincha and Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, in which the delegation agreements , The current situation and the alternatives around seeking the best mechanisms that make possible the expansion of the road and its administration. Benítez said that the meetings have not reached agreements with Pichincha because the proposal of that entity is to continue administering the route and to handle enlargement. “The problem is that we have no guarantees because if in 18 years that the toll in Santo Domingo was only made the expansion in Pichincha, then what guarantees we have that now if it will.” Read Article

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