Ecuador: If not Correa, who?

Posted on November 23, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics …. Yet if not Correa, then who?

There’s the rub.

Anti-Correa sentiment is certainly concerted, but save for the likes of right-wing, businessman Guillermo Lasso, who fell well short at the 2013 presidential election, there is no obvious contender. Leonardo suggests that there needs to be a confluence of the left and the right to oust Correa. It is an odd, even paradoxical, proposition from the veteran left-winger, not least because of the political muddle that would surely emanate downstream from such a confluence. He shrugs. Leonardo and the crowd have had quite enough.

Then there is Rafael Correa himself. His enviable approval ratings, even after nearly ten years in office, are testament to his continued popularity amongst the majority of the electorate in Ecuador, and not without reason. The Andean country has transformed immeasurably since my first visit in in 2005; replete with a new constitution and a brand of democratic socialism of continental repute. It’s just that his supporters are the quietly disgruntled ones trying to cross the square, cutting impatiently through the protesting march. Some two-hundred miles to the north of us in the capital, Quito, flags of protest are replaced by multi-coloured umbrellas, opened in supportive vigil of their leader. Nonetheless, the protests that are raining ever more steadily upon Correa must be a worry to his administration, not least with ….. Read Full Article


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