Ecuador: Huffington Post and lies about Cuenca

Posted on June 10, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador piguave wrote…The latest article about moving to Ecuador seems to epitomize everything wrong in such reporting so I’m going to step through the misrepresentations. Let us begin with the title, “Why You Should Retire to Sunny Ecuador.” First, the article is not about Ecuador but about Cuenca, and there is absolutely nothing sunny about Cuenca. We don’t see the sky for days at a time and when we do it is far more often than not a patch of blue here and there. This is a cloudy city and though my travel in the rest of the country is limited it has always been cloudy in Quito and along the coast as well when I was there. Perhaps they have sunny months but I’ve not been there when they do.

Next consider this whopper, “There is a lively and vibrant restaurant scene and loads of cafes, galleries, and bars. At its heart, Cuenca is a college town with 6 universities including the beautiful University of Cuenca campus in the center of town. And, bonus…. a lot of people in Cuenca speak English.” There is no “lively and vibrant restaurant scene.” Cuenca roles up its sidewalks at eight. There are some nice upscale restaurants true but there is nothing that would reasonably pass for a “scene.” And at heart, Cuenca is definitely not a college town, not even close. The University of Cuenca is not in the center of the town but away from the center and it is not a source of intellectual life here. There are a number of universities but the same can be said for other cities in Ecuador. They have virtually no impact on life here. And to say that “a lot of people in Cuenca speak English” is an outright, unabashed lie. Perhaps the single most identified reason so many who spent tens of thousands to move here return to North America is the fact that almost no one speaks English. Read Article


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