Ecuador: French father of daughter killed wants justice for clinic denying medical service

Posted on August 2, 2012 • Filed under: Ecuador, Latin America Health, TRAVEL reported A French neuroscientist sought justice on Tuesday called on the authorities of Ecuador for the death of his daughter, who he did not receive proper medical care after being shot in Quito in 2009. “I just want truth and justice,” said Bernard Mazoyer, who last Monday was presented to the Ecuadorian attorney testifying in a lawsuit against a private clinic Quito accusing it of no help in a timely manner to his daughter Charlotte , 27, still alive when she was admitted to the emergency. “After three years of fighting, the medical director and the clinic will have to face justice,” said the scientist told AFP, adding that his daughter “waited three hours before being seen by a cardiothoracic surgeon, who could save her. ” Mazoyer emphasized that “the case of Charlotte is not unique to a family against a clinic, but of all Ecuadorians versus private system that favors more money for health and life.” He said his goal is to recognize that delayed the clinic to provide care, which proved fatal to Charlotte. Read Article

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