Ecuador: Five Dead, at least 12 Injured in Horrific Bus Accident (Video)

Posted on June 23, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

vía Santo Domingo- Quevedo, Bus Accident Leaves Five Dead and Many injured,

Bolivar Velasco/ (machine translated) reported the emergency units of ECU 911 in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas , west of Ecuador , attended this Friday June 23, 2017 a traffic accident between an interprovincial transport bus and a vehicle . The road accident was reported at 07:47 at the 33 kilometer of the Santo Domingo-Quevedo road . The agents who came to the site found the two motor vehicles overturned to the side of the road. There people asked for help and alerted the existence of the deceased . According to the preliminary report of ECU 911, so far (11:30) are reported 12 injured and five deaths . After the accident there were moments of despair. Witnesses said that the passengers of the interprovincial unit had to leave by an emergency cover of the top of the unit. Others tried to remove the scattered glass from the windows to get safe. Those who were bruised waited and sat down on the asphalt until help arrives. Other people who had minor blows collaborated in the rescue of the victims . The seven rescue units and emergencies of the Fire Department, Red Cross and the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS) moved the victims to different health houses in the province of Tsachila. Patients were admitted to Gustavo Dominguez Hospital , IESS, Augusto Egas Health Center and Bermúdez Clinic.


A bus crashed at kilometer 33 of the Santo Domingo-Quevedo road and was attended by the rescue units of the 911 ECU in Santo Domingo. José Luis Holguín, head of operations of ECU 911 Santo Domingo, informed that the causes of the accident will be investigated according to the protocol of responsibilities of the institutions that make up that body. To the place they came uniformed of the Transit Commission of Ecuador and the National Police . The agents gathered information on what had happened and picked up clues for the inquiries. The vehicular circulation was interrupted while the rescuers performed the procedure. It was then gradually restored along the two lanes of this route. Read Article



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