Ecuador: Expat Victim of Home Invasion wiped out financially requests assistance

Posted on May 3, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

*The victim requesting funds in this’s post name has never been released by / Editors reached out to him after the went public and requested that he be interviewed for our continuing coverage of the home invasion last weekend in Vilcabamba. This is part of his response…….

… I’m sorry but I don’t not wish to converse with you about this or any other matter to be honest as I have read some of your comment about this incident and quite frankly I think some of what you are insinuating it totally out of order. So that being said please refrain from spreading untruths and please don’t contact me again.”

The editor of responded that if there are any “untruths” in the two articles to date about the event, that the publication would be more then willing to change or retract any said facts if it appears something was misstated based on the other sources for the articles. The publication also offered to remove his request for money if he was unhappy with our reporting. He did not respond. The editorial board will continue to host his request for funds since he appears to be in a desperate state of affairs at the present time. He is also more than welcome to contact the publication to share his side of the story.

One fact that the victim states in his request that appears to be not correct. He states that he was at home alone with his two daughters. However, he fails to mention there were other victims in separate houses on the property.

(from Unfortunatly my home was invaded by 12 armed men and I was alone with my 2 young daughters. The men threatened us and ransacked our house subsequently finding and taking all our saving we were about to build our family home with. I have $200 that they left by accident, this is all we have in the world. So I begging anybody out there who has the compacity to help to please help us.
I am Daniel the father of the children involved, we are from Vilcabamba but originally from England. I’m raising this money to be able to use to support the 2 children I.e buy food, provide a safe place short term and travel etc. Once our last $200 has ran out then I plan to transfer funds from here to my UK account and withdraw cash from cash machines as and when we require food, safe shelter or travel. Created May 1, 2017
Daniel Powell
Thank you for reading LINK TO GO FUND ME ACCOUNT


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