Ecuador downgrades probabilities of El Niño Phenomenon

Posted on July 31, 2014 • Filed under: Economy, Enviromental Issues, Weather/Climate

The Committee on the Regional Study of El Niño Phenomenon (ERFEN), which gathers different specialized organizations, concluded that local oceanic-atmospheric conditions tend to normalcy, which means low probabilities of this weather event to happen.

“Different studies have been made by international organisms that analyze the condition of El Niño Phenomenon, and they have reached to the conclusion that the probabilities of an extraordinary weather event are low”, reported the multi-sectorial committee.

As the report indicated, it is expected that oceanic conditions show a strengthening of the Humboldt Current System as well as a cold-water-rising, which is rich in nutrients and consequently, favors the increase of plankton populations.

Similarly, the abnormalities index analysis in the Pacific Coastal region showed values under 0.5°C in the last three months. It has been predicted that for the July-September trimester, precipitations will be within the normal range in the Coastal zone; whereas in Galápagos, they will be above normal.


Nonetheless, the Risk Management Secretariat stated that despite the fact that weather conditions tend to normalcy, the Phenomenon cannot be discarded by the end of this year, for which permanent preparations are taking place, in order to control and alleviate the impacts of this weather event.

The ERFEN Committee includes: the Naval Oceanographic Institute, the National Meteorology and Hydrology Institute, the National Fishery Institute, the Technical High School of the Littoral, the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation, the Risk Management Secretariat, the Technical Secretariat of the Ocean, among other entities.

El Niño Phenomenon is a recurring climate event that causes rains and floods in the coastal side of the country.

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