Ecuador: Cartoon causes controversy

Posted on January 16, 2014 • Filed under: Ecuador reported that a caricature in a newspaper has bothered to President Rafael Correa . The president summoned the author of the drawing to show if it is true what is in the pic.

It was the night of December 26, 2013 when 12 policemen from the intervention group and admitted for ransom by the prosecution, the home of Fernando Villavicencio, parliamentary adviser to opposition to the regime. They said they were looking for evidence of alleged espionage President Correa and other state officials.

This episode was picked up by Xavier Bonilla, a cartoonist for several media signed with the pseudonym of ‘Bonil’. In the vignette of the controversy reads: “regale Christmas” while one hand touches the door of a home. When the gate opens, police boots crush the character and finally watching the cops taking computers and home appliances. Read Article

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