Ecuador: banking authorities adjust fees for banking services

Posted on October 12, 2012 • Filed under: Business, Ecuador

According to,the Banking Board of Ecuador resolved to establish new maximum rates for the services provided by financial institutions in the country. These costs are valid from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, according to the resolution published Monday in the Official Gazette.

In the report, the Board endorsed the services that are free and open deposit accounts, as well as the administration, management and consultation of accounts, withdrawals and transfers within the same bank, cancellation or activation and reactivation of accounts. So are credit card payments, and the issuance and delivery of statements.

The adjustments made are:

Services for current accounts
Cost $ 0.30 per check
National Returned Check $ 2.79
Cheque returned from abroad $ 3.24
Certified check $ 2
Cashiers check $ 2.50
Revocation checking $ 3

Withdrawals Services
ATM Withdrawal customers of the entity in another cashier $ 0.50
ATM Withdrawal customers of another entity in the entity cashier $ 0.50
Cash Withdrawal non-bank entity’s own $ 0.35

Inquiry Service
ATM consultation Printing $ 0.35

Referral Service
Bank references $ 2.65
Movements Court has printed $ 1.83

Copies Services
Credit card and payment card, copy of voucher / local worth $ 2
Credit card and payment card, voucher copy / abroad worth $ 10
Credit card statement back $ 0.50

Transfer services
Transfers abroad in office $ 55.49
Transfers from abroad $ 10

Replacement services
Replenishment of book / statement of loss, theft or damage $ 1
Replenishment of credit or debit card for loss, theft or damage $ 4.94

Broadcast service
Issuance of debit card stripe reader or chip $ 5.15

Renewal Service
Annual renewal debit card stripe reader or chip $ 1.85
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