Ecuador: average of 13 deaths a day from traffic accidents, 152 injured

Posted on February 7, 2014 • Filed under: Ecuador, Latin America Health, TRAVEL reported that Ecuador registered an average of 13 dead and 152 injured per day due to traffic accidents, caused mainly by the inexperience and recklessness of drivers, reported Thursday, February 6 observatories citizens who promote safety on roads. The director of Covial, Víctor Jiménez, told the press that, according to figures from various government agencies, in the country were given an annual average of 24 750 mishaps on the roads between 2009 and 2013, that have generated the “terrifying figure” of a 60 000 deaths and injuries per year. He added that traffic growth claims is 6.8% per year, while the number of deaths was 4 908 per year from 2008 is considered a projection of 5 139 for 2013, according to data collected by Covial and justice road. Jimenez said that the number of injured from the same accident is 55 588 per year during the same period, taking into account some 65 800 injured expected for 2013. “Every day in the country killed 13 people and left 152 wounded. ”


That’s the harsh reality of the Ecuadorian road accidents,”said the leader, who described as”catastrophic”to those indexes. He noted that 5% of the mishaps is caused by acts of God, bad weather and mechanical problems, and 95% by liability of persons as incompetence and recklessness (62%), drunkenness (11%), speeding (10%), invasion of the opposite rail (9%) and disrespect of the signals (7%). In December, the National transit agency (ANT) reported that between January and November 2013 24 759 accidents occurred in Ecuador, where are among the leading causes of mortality, leaving 2 025 dead and 19 856 injured. READ ARTICLE ELCOMERCIO.COM

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